Profile of a Distinguished Dam
Bred and owned by Gale Schnetzer WARDS CREEK

By Dan Kiedrowski

Gale Schnetzer has enjoyed a love affair with Miniature Schnauzers since childhood days, and reunited with the breed in 1986, seeking a companion for her son. 

As Gale remembers it . . .
I wanted to find a black - something different, I thought, and contacted Helen Smith of Woodhaven, who had campaigned so successfully Ch. Woodhaven's Black Gough Drops. I asked for a black bitch, like everyone does, and was on her waiting list for over a year. In January she called saying she had a black male available, and tired of waiting we said yes.

Shadow was a wonderful dog, and we had lots of fun with him. I decided I
wanted to show, so we joined the Greater Cincinnati Miniature Schnauzer Club, where I learned to strip. The big day came, and I took Shadow to his first show. Guess what - he didn't win - he was oversize! So I asked club member Lowell Hudson how do you get into this and do well? Answer - find the best bitch you can buy (sound familiar). I still wanted color. Ch. Sibehil's Dark Shadows (22) was being specialed at the time, and I thought a daughter of his would be the route to take. It took awhile, but Gale eventually acquired the black bitch, Blythewood
Dark Secret, a Dark Shadows daughter, and she would serve as foundation for a host of Wards Creek top-producing Champions that would follow. Black-bred for several generations, Secret would give Gale her first pair of Champions. Bred first to the B/S, Ch. Feldmar's Nightshade (20), she gave Gale four puppies, and her first black Champion - Ch. Wards Creek's Kodiak Black, finished by Gloria Lewis (Royalcourt).

Gale goes on to say . . .
One day I was at a dog show in Dayton and saw Wade Bogart (Sumerwynd) showing dogs, and these dogs moved differently than any I had or saw. I wanted to know more about them. Wade said to call Carole Weinberger (Bandsman) - she loved to help newer people. I called Carole and we soon became good friends. She gave me a lot of information about our breed, and I will be forever grateful. After many conversations, she told me about Ch. Sumerwynd Bandsman Freeway (6). A friend of mine, Myra Snyder (Bojangles) had purchased him from Carole. I remember him on his arrival in the parking lot, after his flight from Maryland. He looked like he was on roller skates - such beautiful flowing movement. Besides this, he also had a short back, good head and hard coat. Secret herself, had a very short back and a great tail set. I wanted to improve on neck transition, and especially wanted to get that ground-covering movement, Freeway could provide.

Secret's breeding to Freeway, produced Gale's first entirely owner-handled Champion, the salt and pepper Ch. Wards Creek Highfalutin. She finished with four majors, two earned at the 1994 Greater Cincinnati and Penn-Ohio Specialties, and also gave Gale her first Group win. Highfalutin only produced one litter, and then had to be spayed for medical reasons. On the other hand, her unshown black sister, Wards Creek Highway Hooker (3) would become Gale's first top producer, giving her four litters. Hooker's best litter was sired by Ch. Bandsman's High Spirits, from which two blacks were retained and finished. One of these was the 1995 Chicago AMSC Sweepstakes winner, Ch. Wards Creek's Dark And Handsome, and the other, Ch. Wards Creek Put'n On The Ritz (5), a record-setting producer, with five Champions - all Top Producers! Gale was now getting the kind of dogs that pleased her. They moved well, and were sound, with good shoulders and fronts.

Put'n On The Ritz began her show career, owner-handled, by winning Best in Sweepstakes at the 1995 Greater Cincinnati Specialty under Kurt Garmaker (Repitition), and finished on her next coat with three majors. She would make breed history, as the first black bitch to produce three top producing sons - Ch. Wards Creek Lasso's The Moon (7), the black Ch. Wards Creek's Rocket Man (13), by Ch. Repitition's Cornerstone (62), and Ch. Wards Creek's Medicine Man (6), by Ch. Rampage's Representative (86), and two top producing daughters, Ch. Wards Creek's Little Sure Shot (3), by Rep, and the black, Ch. Wards Creek's Moonstruck (3), by Cornerstone, from which two more generations of Wards Creek top producers descend.

About these breedings, Gale remarked . . . 
I had a lot of the pieces of the puzzle, but still wanted and needed a few more - it was time for fine tuning. I wanted better heads, and asked
this of Rep, who has a beautiful head. I kept two salt and peppers - Medicine Man is hard-coated, short-backed and has a beautiful head; Little
Sure Shot also has a beautiful head, and the sweetest disposition, which she passed on.

Sassy was then bred to a Rep son, Cornerstone. I was trying to keep what I had accomplished with good movement and shoulder layback. I wanted to tweak it - add beautiful heads, harder coats, lots of bone and substance, great forechest and muzzle fill under the eyes. She had four puppies and we kept and finished three, including Rocket Man, who has done so much for us.

Ch Wards Creek's Rocket Man
Best of Breed at the Greater Cincinnati Specialty, May 27, 2000 under judge Margo Klinger (Dimensions), breeder-owner handled by Gale Schnetzer

Rocket Man is Gale's top winner to date, and was the number one black in 2000, ranking third over-all that year. His record of three Specialty Sweepstakes wins, five Specialty Bests, and an AMSC Specialty Award of Merit sums up his record. He is currently the breed's top living black sire, and stands third among the all-time top producing black sires. His get include the black Ch. Char N' Co. Electri-Fying, number one bitch 2002. Lasso's The Moon sired the Winners Dog and Best of Winners at two AMSC Montgomery County Specialties, and claims three other get that have finished with National Specialty wins. Medicine Man would sire Gale's next generation of top producing black bitches in Ch. Wards Creek's One And Only (7), shared with Marcella and Joseph Beard, giving them seven Champions, including the top producing S/P sire Ch. Wards Creek's Flying Solo (6), sired by Rocket Man.

Ch Wards Creek's One and Only

Gale's most recent top-producing bitch is the salt and pepper Representative - Ritz daughter, Ch. Wards Creek Little Sure Shot (3), the granddam of her most recent top-producing sire, the B/S Ch. Wards Creek's The Dealers Choice (6). Gale has made two additions to the Wards Creek family, purchasing a pair of Freeway daughters from her good friend Myra Snyder (Bojangles). I knew he was getting old, and I did not want to lose that great movement and shoulder layback I had come to really appreciate. Both Bojangles Hotwheels To Wardscreek (4) and Bojangles Fast And Classey Porsha were welcomed additions, and are proving very valuable.

Wards Creek earned top winning black for 2004 with the Specialty-winning bitch, Ch. Wards Creek's Twist N The Nite Away, a daughter of the breed's All-Time Top Schnauzer, Ch. Regency's Twist Of Fate (16). Yet another Wards Creek got her start that year, and earned the same honor in 2005 - Ch. Wards Creek's One Of A Kind, a daughter of two Wards Creek top producers, earning a pair of Specialty Bests. Both were exclusively owner-handled.

To date, Wards Creek can claim nearly three dozen homebred Champions, including seven top producing sires and four dams - all in less than two decades.

A complete line of AKC Champion Descendency based on Ch. Wards Creek Put'n on the Ritz

A1 Ch. Wards Creek's Rocket Man [B] (by Ch. Reptition's Cornerstone)

B1 Ch. Wards Creek's Flying Solo (ex Ch. Wards Creek's One And Only [B])

C1 Ch. Repitition's Roadie V Riese (ex Repitition's Cover Girl [B/S])
C2 Ch. Repitition's Stilletto (ex Repitition's Cover Girl [B/S])
C3 Ch. Wards Creek's Flight Of Fancy [B/S] (ex Repitition's Cover Girl [B/S])
C4 Ch. Wards Creek's Talk Of The Town (ex Ch. Wards Creek Little Sure Shot)
C5 Ch. Wards Creek's Winning Streak [B/S] (ex Ch. Wards Creek Sure Bet)
C6 Ch. Jacqueminot's Gangway Goto Guy (ex Ch. Gangway Final Feature)

B2 Ch. Beard's Country Squire (ex Ch. Wards Creek's One And Only [B])
B3 Ch. Char N' Co. Electri-Fying [B] (ex Ch. Char N' Co. Passionate Kisses [B])
C7 Ch. Char N' Co. Fireworks [B/S] (by Ch. Chattelane's Fire Cracker)
C8 Ch. Char N' Co. It's Electric [B/S] (by Ch. Chattelane's Fire Cracker)
B4 Ch. Dynasty's Chimney Sweep [B] (ex Ch. Dynasty's New Image [B])
C9 Ch. Dynasty's Samurai Warrior [B] (by Ch. Dynasty's Premier Shogun [B])
B5 Ch. Dynasty's Minstrel Of The Dawn [B] (ex Ch. Dynasty's New Image [B])
B6 Ch. Repitition's Silly Me [B] (ex Ch. Repitition's U Go Girl)
B7 Ch. Wildrush Esteban (ex Ch. Repitition's U Go Girl)
B8 Ch. Bojangles Whole New Ballgame [B] (ex Bojangles Cherokee Rose)
B9 Ch. C-Mark's Rocket Man's Delight [B] (ex Ch. C-Mark's Midnight Escapade II [B])
B10 Ch. Lyons Tears In Heaven [B] (ex Ch. Sercatep's Strip Tease [B/S])
B11 Ch. PJ's Prairieland Pumpernickel [B] (ex Ch. Repitition's Heaven Sent)
B12 Ch. Wards Creek's Basic Black [B] (ex Bojangles Fast N Classie Porscha)
B13 Ch. Wards Creek's Halley's Comet [B] (ex Bojangles Hotwheels To Wardscreek)
B14 Char N' Co. Zoom Zoom Zoom [B] (ex Ch. Char N' Co. Passionate Kisses [B])
C10 Ch. Char N' Co. Speed Limit [B/S] (ex Char N' Co. Sweet Vidalia [B])
D1 Ch. Char N' Co. Little Red Corvette [B/S] (ex Ch. Repitition's Renegade [B/S])
D2 Ch. Char N' Co. Speed Demon [B/S] (ex Ch. Repitition's Renegade [B/S])
D3 Ch. Char N' Co. Truckin To Blackwitch [B/S]
(ex Ch. Char N' Co. My Calendar Girl)
B15 Bojangles Tambourine Man (ex Ch. Kismet's Amazing Grace)
C11 Ch. Bojangles Georgia On My Mind (ex Bojangles Tippecanoe)
D4 Ch. Prairieland Deal Me Aces (by Ch. Wards Creek's The Dealers Choice [B/S])
E1 Ch. Prairieland Dueces Are Wild (ex Ch. Repitition's Heaven Sent)
D5 Ch. Fairway's Top Flight (by Ch. Wards Creek's The Dealers Choice [B/S])
C12 Ch. Bojangles Barbwire (ex Ch. Bojangles Kippin Around)
C13 Ch. Bojangles New Beginnings (ex Ch. Bojangles Kippin Around)
B16 Bojangles Tippecanoe (ex Ch. Bojangles Dixieland Jazz [B/S])
(C11) Ch. Bojangles Georgia On My Mind


A2 Ch. Wards Creek Lasso's The Moon (by Ch. Reptition's Cornerstone)


B17 Ch. Repitition's Busta Move (ex Ch. Repitition's All About Eve)


C14 Ch. Repitition's Busta Rhymes (ex Ch. Repitition's Jubilation II)
D6 Ch. Savannah's Melody Rhymes (ex Hardinhaus Savannah Morgan)
D7 Ch. Savannah's Rumba Rhymes (ex Hardinhaus Savannah Morgan)
C15 Ch. Repitition's Heaven Sent (ex Ch. Repitition's Jubilation II)
(B11) Ch. PJ's Prairieland Pumpernickel [B]
(E1) Ch. Prairieland Dueces Are Wild
C16 Ch. Royalcourt Cafe Royale [B/S] (ex Ch. Royalcourt Black With Sugar [B/S])
C17 Ch. Royalcourt Sugar Glider (ex Ch. Royalcourt Black With Sugar [B/S])
C18 Ch. Dry Dock Bust Ahoy (ex Liebestraum Dry Dock Easy Time)
B18 Ch. Repitition's Lonestar (ex Ch. Repitition's All About Eve)
C19 Ch. Repitition's Miguelo's Coco (ex Ch. Repitition's La Superba)
B19 Ch. Wards Creek's Extreme Commitment (ex Bandsman Tulsa Two Step)
C20 Ch. Cholet's I'm Gonna Smok'em (ex Ch. Katby's Diamonds Lil Rebel)
B20 Ch. Adamis On The Road Again (ex Ch. Adamis Honeydripper)
B21 Ch. Adamis Supernatural (ex Ch. Adamis Honeydripper)
B22 Ch. Awesome's None Of Your Beezwax (ex Ch. Awesome's Aint Miz Behaving)
B23 Ch. Tejas Let's Roll (ex Ch. Tejas No Mercy)
B24 Tejas No Doubt (ex Ch. Tejas No Mercy
C21 Ch. Aragon Becker's Holding Court (by Ch. Tejas Lone Ranger)

A3 Ch. Wards Creek's Moonstruck [B] (by Ch. Reptition's Cornerstone)

B25 Ch. Wards Creek's Blackjack [B] (by Ch. Repitition's Roll Of The Dice [B/S])
C22 Ch. Wards Creek's The Dealers Choice [B/S]
(ex Ch. Wards Creek's Taste Of Cinamon)
(B27) Ch. Wards Creek's One Of A Kind [B]
(D4) Ch. Prairieland Deal Me Aces
(D5) Ch. Fairway's Top Flight
D8 Ch. Wards Creek King Of Hearts [B/S]
(ex Bojangles Hotwheels To Wardscreek)
D9 Ch. Wards Creek's Lady Luck [B/S]
(ex Bojangles Hotwheels To Wardscreek)
D10 Ch. Wards Creek Plays Keno At Jodi's [B/S]
(ex Bojangles Hotwheels To Wardscreek)
C23 Ch. Wards Creek I'm Stuck On You [B/S] (ex Ch. Wards Creek's Taste Of Cinamon)
C24 Ch. Beard's Jett Jackson [B] (ex Ch. Wards Creek's One And Only [B])
C25 Ch. Beard's Jilted One [B] (ex Ch. Wards Creek's One And Only [B])
B26 Ch. Wards Creek's Twist N The Nite Away [B] (by Ch. Regency's Twist Of Fate)
B27 Ch. Wards Creek's One Of A Kind [B] (by Ch. Wards Creek's The Dealers Choice [B/S]


A4 Ch. Wards Creek's Medicine Man (ex Ch. Rampage's Representative)


B28 Ch. Phil Adore's Medicine (ex Phil Adore's Cute E Clair)
C26 Ch. Blythewood Set Your Sights (ex Blythewood Enchanted Evening)
D11 Ch. Blythewood Bull's-Eye (ex Blythewood Chatty Kathy)
D12 Ch. Blythewood Dreams Of Matilda (ex Blythewood Chatty Kathy)
D13 Ch. Blythewood Hot Springs (ex Blythewood Running Brooke)
D14 Ch. Blythewood Living On The Edge (ex Blythewood Lady Liberty)
C27 Ch. Blythewood Special Blend (ex Blythewood Enchanted Evening)
D15 Ch. Attaway Special Edition (by Ch. Destineez Running Brave)
C28 Ch. Blythewood Jagged Edge (ex Blythewood Enchanted Evening)
C29 Ch. Attaway Highlander (ex Attaway Buttons-N-Bows)
D16 Ch. Attaway Cruise Control (ex Attaway Reese Pieces)
C30 Ch. Blackwitch Night Call Delite (ex Ch. Blackwitch Real Delite)
C31 Ch. Blackwitch Super Delite (ex Ch. Blackwitch Real Delite)
C32 Ch. Attaway Bar None (ex Attaway Hy-Tyme)
C33 Ch. Attaway Mama Mia (ex Attaway Reese Pieces)
C34 Ch. Blackwitch Reba Ray (ex Ch. Blackwitch Total Eclipse Of Heart)
C35 Ch. Blackwitch Wildwood Flowers (ex Ch. Blackwitch Wild Flowers)
B29 Ch. Phil Adore's M.D. (ex Phil Adore's Cute E Clair)
C36 Ch. Gebe Phil Adore's Dundee (ex Jenetine's Up Front At Gebee)
C37 Ch. Gebe's Bender To Phil Adore (ex Jenetine's Up Front At Gebee)
C38 Ch. Attaway Show N Tell (ex Ch. Attaway Look At Me)
C39 Ch. Phil Adore's Ge Be (ex Phil Adore's Kiss 'N Run)
B30 Ch. Wards Creek's One And Only [B] (ex Wards Creek's Gossip Column [B])
(B2) Ch. Wards Creek's Flying Solo
(B3) Ch. Beard's Country Squire
(C24) Ch. Beard's Jett Jackson [B]
(C25) Ch. Beard's Jilted One [B]
C40 Ch. Beard's Positive Attitude (by Ch. Reptition's Virginia Gentleman)
C41 Ch. Beard's Raise N Hell (by Ch. Reptition's Virginia Gentleman)
C42 Ch. Beard's Cookies N Cream [B] (by Ch. Milhaus Trevost Gent [B/S])
B31 Ch. Char N' Co. My Guy (ex Ch. Char N' Co. Passionate Kisses [B/S])
C43 Ch. Char N' Co. My Calendar Girl (ex Ch. Char N' Co. My Girl)
D17 Ch. Char N' Co. Catch Me If You Can (by Ch. Adamis Frontrunner)
(D3) Ch. Char N' Co. Truckin To Blackwitch [B/S]
B32 Ch. Ge Bee's Kassie Kase (ex Jenetine's Up Front At Gebee)
B33 Ch. Repitition's Glitter & Be Gay (ex Repitition's Cover Girl [B/S])


A5 Ch. Wards Creek Little Sure Shot (ex Ch. Rampage's Representative)


(D1) Ch. Wards Creek's Talk Of The Town
B34 Ch. Wards Creek's Sure Bet (by Ch. Repitition's Roll Of The Dice [B/S])
(C5) Ch. Wards Creek's Winning Streak [B/S]
B35 Ch. Wards Creek's Taste Of Cinamon (by Ch. Wards Creek Dark And Handsome [B])
(C22) Ch. Wards Creek's The Dealers Choice [B/S]
(C23) Ch. Wards Creek I'm Stuck On You [B/S]